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Signatory Vintage GLEN MHOR, 50 год.


Бутилирано от: Signatory

Дестилирано: 1965 година

Бутилирано: 2015 година

Отлежало:  50 години

Количество:  353 бутилки в света

Алкохолно съдържание: 51.10%

700 мл.

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Цена при нас: 9,170.00лв.
Получи в магазина ни на цена: 8,894.90лв.
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Glen Mhor 50 yo 1965 (70cl, 47.1%)


A very exciting independent bottling of 50 year old Glen Mhor single malt Scotch whisky - a rare whisky from a distillery which closed back in the early 1980s. This particularly bottling was distilled in 1965 and initially aged in a refill butt, though was finished for 88 months in Oloroso Sherry oak! It was bottled by Signatory for their Cask Strength Collection Rare Reserve, with 353 bottles produced.

Nose: Old leather, polished oak, almonds and Cognac-like rancio.

Palate: More of that rich, vegetal rancio on the palate, now paired with a very light spritz of citrus and mint. Cooking spices develop later on, with a big whack of allspice.

Finish: Cigar box and maybe a touch of Sherried oak.