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Signatory Vintage GLENCRAIG, 40 год.


Бутилирано от: Signatory

Дестилирано: Юни 1976 година

Бутилирано: Януари 2017 година

Отлежало:  40 години

Количество:  192 бутилки в света

Алкохолно съдържание: 42.60%

700 мл.

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Цена при нас: 1,970.00лв.
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Glencraig 40yo 1976 (70cl, 42.6%)


When you see a whisky carrying the Glencraig name, it's time to sit up and take notice. The unusual Lomond still at Glenburgie Distillery used to make Glencraig was abandoned in 1981, because it was notoriously hard to clean. You won't find a Glencraig-distilled whisky from anytime after this era, but - luckily for you - this handsome chap before was distilled on the 11th June 1976. A 40 year maturation in bourbon barrel number 4253 ended on 31st January 2017, when Signatory bottled this single malt Scotch at 42.6% ABV for its series the 'Cask Strength Collection Rare Reserve'. A whisky of natural colour, the Glencraig 40 Year Old 1976 has an outturn of just 192 individually numbered decanter bottles, and you may not get another chance to sample to delights of Glencraig. You've been warned.

Nose: Porridge oats, allspice and golden syrup, with touches of subtle oak and cola cubes.

Palate: Treacle tart, wholemeal toast, chewy barley and dense stewed fruit lead, as ground ginger and a grassy hint emerge.

Finish: Fresh herbs burst through a blend of brown sugar, vanilla and leather.