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Signatory Vintage GLEN ROTHES, 43 год.


Бутилирано от: Signatory

Дестилирано: Септември 1973 година

Бутилирано: Февруари 2017 година

Отлежало:  43 години

Количество:  149 бутилки в света

Алкохолно съдържание: 41.80%

700 мл.

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Цена при нас: 1,520.00лв.
Получи в магазина ни на цена: 1,474.40лв.
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Glenrothes 43yo 1973 (70cl, 41.8%)


If you would have though that maintaining a series called the Cask Strength Collection Rare Reserve would have been difficult... I gotta say that Signatory aren't really any showing signs of that being the case. Take this bottling here for example; distilled on the 30th September 1973 at Glenrothes Distillery, this handsome rascal spent 43 years maturing in a hogshead (11099) before it was charged at a cask strength 41.8% ABV on the 1st February 2017. It's part of a limited outturn of just 149 individually numbered decanter bottles, and there's no added colour. This will make for an impressive dram, from a very impressive range.

Nose: An aromatic fusion of heather, Scotch tablet, dry barley and smoked almonds, with a tinge of cinnamon and allspice.

Palate: Soft vanilla leads into red velvet cake, rich honey, toasted walnuts and stone fruits. Smoky and delicate peppery spice takes the backdrop.

Finish: Very subtle hints of chilli chocolate, earthy tobacco and stewed fruits.